Omaha’s newest mobile venue is scheduled to open

Join us for the Omaha Mobile Stage ribbon cutting ceremony at the start of: 
Concert at the Castle
hosted by Joslyn Castle & Gardens
Saturday, June 25

OMS Ribbon Cutting: 4:45 pm | Live Performances: 5 – 9 pm
3902 Davenport St, Omaha, Neb.

OMS is a mobile, community venue for performing artists of all ages, and a teaching venue to train the next generation of creative workers. 

This project has leveraged the expertise of countless individuals in the fields of education, performing arts, design, architecture, fabrication, mechanics, and public space management. 

Over this past year, we have been beyond grateful for the support and leadership of Jeffrey Day, Jerry Reif, Toba Cohen-Dunning, Staci Gowan, Robert Webber, Andrew Johnson, John Bartle, Bob McNulty, Penny Cuff, Jerry Bulanda, and Chris Foster. These individuals have donated their most precious resources—their time and professional expertise—to mentor our staff and students. 

Thank you to the many creatives who helped us keep our hands on the wheel. Special thanks to Brendan Greene-Walsh, Jason Griffiths, T.J. Roe, Dan Brennan, Celeste Butler, Marcey Yates, Manne Cook, and James Schroeder. 

OMS was designed and built by a collaboration between FACT, Actual Architecture Company, University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Architecture, Nebraska Innovation Studio, and Partners for Livable Omaha.

Thank you to the Architecture and Interior Design students of FACT who contributed to the design and construction of the OMS, and a special thanks to Ethan Boerner, Xander Parker, Jarod Bengston, Mason Burress, and Tom Gerdes who continued with the project in the spring of 2022 and into the summer.

Lastly, this project would not be possible without the generous support of our financial supporters. Thank you for dreaming big with us!

Jessica Scheuerman
Founder & Executive Director, Partners for Livable Omaha

Omaha Mobile Stage (currently under construction) at Millwork Connect on May 7 at Millwork Commons. Photo: RP Media.



Omaha Mobile Stage is made possible by the generous support of Sherwood Foundation, Anonymous****, Weitz Family Foundation, Kevin M. McCarthy, Omaha Public Schools Foundation, Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Mutual of Omaha, The Hawks Foundation, Paul T. Scheuerman, Reg and Gloria Rial, Burlington Capital, Actual Architecture Co., FACT, UNL College of Architecture, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA, Robert Webber and Continuing Electrical Education, Andrew Johnson and Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Jessica and Daniel Scheuerman, Baird Holm, Bluestone Development, Infinity CPA Group, Sharon and Jim Kresha, Katie and Dan Kresha, Heidi Macy, The Meisinger Group Real Estate Team, Dick and Peggy Bevevino, Roberta and Frank Hoy, and many others.

Donations to the project are tax deductible and can be made here.

Government Support

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