Mobile outdoor venue nears completion

Omaha Mobile Stage (currently under construction) at Millwork Connect on May 7 at Millwork Commons. Photo: RP Media.

Omaha Mobile Stage (OMS) is a mobile, community venue for performing artists of all ages, and a teaching venue to train the next generation of creative workers.

OMS is an accessible, adaptable and easily transportable mobile stage venue created from a repurposed 18-foot box truck. The venue was designed and built to support a variety of performers, neighborhoods, business districts, and community events. 

OMS will move throughout Omaha neighborhoods to provide free community-driven entertainment and arts enrichment.

The multi-year project is led by a multidisciplinary collaborative of Omaha and Lincoln-based leaders in the fields of design, performing arts, architecture, education, placemaking and public space management. OMS is a nonprofit venue that leverages the expertise of its collaborating community partners to design, build and operate the venue in public space.

See what we’ve accomplished in our 2021 Year in Review.

OMS is a direct response to a suite of cultural, social and economic problems that have roots in the pandemic. OMS is a prototype for a new model of outdoor venue—providing a fun and flexible, but safe and serene, place for communities to re-engage with each other, reactivate public spaces, and reanimate social, creative and economic life in the city.

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Omaha Mobile Stage is made possible by the generous support of Sherwood Foundation, Anonymous****, Weitz Family Foundation, Kevin M. McCarthy, Omaha Public Schools Foundation, Nebraska Arts Council, Nebraska Cultural Endowment, Mutual of Omaha, The Hawks Foundation, Paul T. Scheuerman, Burlington Capital, Actual Architecture Co., FACT, UNL College of Architecture, Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA, Andrew Johnson and Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Jessica and Daniel Scheuerman, Baird Holm, Bluestone Development, Infinity CPA Group, Sharon and Jim Kresha, Katie and Dan Kresha, Reg and Gloria Rial, Heidi Macy, The Meisinger Group Real Estate Team, Dick and Peggy Bevevino, Roberta and Frank Hoy, and many others.

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