Community Service and Volunteer Hours

Omaha Mobile Stage is managed by a nonprofit organization and operates as a mobile, community venue for performing artists of all ages. 

Volunteers provide critical support for operating the Omaha Mobile Stage. 

If you or your organization would like to volunteer, please contact or enter your info below to schedule your service.

    Volunteers Tasks

    • Community Greeter
    • Neighborhood Outreach & Communications
    • Accessibility Tent
    • Language Interpretation
    • Set Up, Tear Down & Clean Up
    • Sound & Lighting Runner

    At each event, volunteers assist with wayfinding to local attractions, restaurants and bars, and nearest public restrooms. They also help with set up, tear down, and clean up after the event. 

    Omaha Mobile Stage events can also include a volunteer-powered Accessibility Tent to assist guests who need additional accommodations during the event. Volunteers will help with running the Accessibility Tent; preparing assistive listening and language interpretation equipment; and setting up visual cues to orient our audience and provide clear ways to find support on site.