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The Omaha Mobile Stage (OMS) project is transforming a repurposed 18-foot box truck into an accessible, adaptable and easily transportable stage. 

OMS is a direct response to a suite of cultural, social and economic problems that have roots in the pandemic. Once the stage is complete, we will support communities by activating outdoor public space and underserved schools with neighborhood-driven arts and cultural programming and underrepresented voices. 

Core Program Features

  • State-of-the-art mobile stage
  • Stipends for artists, event managers and techs
  • Sound and lighting equipment 
  • Promotion and event management support

Why Give Now? 

As of February 2022, we have raised $100,000 of our $175,000 goal. Your support provides a critical foundation for the OMS project to be fully realized, adding value and vibrancy to the city we love. 

Your gift will be used immediately to complete the construction and equipment purchases of the Omaha Mobile Stage.

Omaha Mobile Stage is managed by Partners for Livable Omaha, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the educational and charitable support of the live performing arts (PLO Tax ID: 85-4187964).

All donations are tax deductible.

For more information on sponsorship, contact Jessica Scheuerman, Executive Director, Partners for Livable Omaha,

Sponsorship Benefits

The Omaha Mobile Stage will present free, public events co-produced by neighborhoods, schools, arts organizations and  local artists in dozens of communities within the Omaha metro for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the stage designed?

The designbuild phase is led by a collaboration between Jessica Scheuerman of Partners for Livable Omaha; Professor Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA of the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and director of FACT (Fabrication And Construction Team); Actual Architecture Company; Omaha-based theatrical designer and technical director Brendan Greene-Walsh; and Nebraska Innovation Studio. 

How does OMS fit into Omaha’s creative landscape? 

By working in partnership, OMS elevates and amplifies the work of local performing artists.

Why focus on neighborhoods? 

Arts and culture give voice to the value of diversity. They are central in binding and mending the social fabric. When marginalized neighborhoods program their own entertainment—and welcome outsiders in—they build upon their cultural assets while addressing negative biases about their communities. 

How has Covid impacted  the arts sector?

Artists and creatives remain among the most severely affected segment of the nation’s workforce. 

Does this project promote racial equity?

Yes! Elevating community voices and strengthening neighborhood cohesion are fundamental values. OMS mobilizes arts and cultural resources to build, heal and celebrate community.  We believe in the power of the performing arts to tell BIPOC stories which can foster empathy, respect and validation. 

How does OMS partner with schools? 

Lack of arts access disproportionately impacts underserved communities, where students rely on schools for arts enrichment. Low socioeconomic status students who are engaged in arts learning have increases in: high school academic performance; college-going rates and grades; and holding jobs with a future.

OMS supports schools by providing live performances experienced safely, outdoors. These events are driven by school needs and priorities.

Where can I see OMS events? 

OMS currently prioritizes underserved audiences, particularly those in k-12 schools, and neighborhoods experiencing community-led revitalization rooted in arts and culture. In 2022, OMS will host free, public events throughout Omaha in partnership with our community partners.

What are sliding-scale rentals?

The OMS rentals operate on a sliding scale to support local artists and communities that would otherwise go without production resources. 

To inquire about Omaha Mobile Stage rentals or future opportunities to support neighborhood-based arts or economic development activities, please contact