Media Kit

For questions regarding logos and images, please contact Kaylea Kuhlman at

In the press and event promotion, please refer to the mobile venue/stage truck as either the “Omaha Mobile Stage” or “OMS”

Link to OMS online resources when appropriate:, social media profile tag @omahamobilestage on Instagram and Facebook.

Omaha Mobile Stage Logo PNG
Stage doors being moved into place. Credit: Colin Conces
Extended stage being leveled on the ground. Credit: Colin Conces.
Stage legs being leveled on the ground. Credit: Colin Conces
Render of the design of the stage with pullout platform. Credit: FACT
GIF of stage risers and platform. Credit: FACT
FACT student, Ethan Boerner, standing on extendable stage Credit: FACT
Outside of truck with opening doors installed. Taken at Nebraska Innovation Studio in March 2022. Credit: FACT
Omaha Mobile Stage doors open and stage extended out. Credit: FACT
Render of the stage at Gifford Park. Credit: FACT