The design & construction of a stage on wheels, engineered for public space use & capable of being effortlessly moved from place to place

Phase I: Designbuild is directed by design professionals Jeffrey L.  Day, FAIA  and Brendan Greene-Walsh, and placemaking facilitator Jessica Scheuerman. Over the course of a semester, they will lead a team of 4th year architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design students who will design and build the stage.

Adapted from a used truck able to be parked anywhere, the Omaha Mobile Stage will be an accessible, adaptable, and easily transportable stage supporting a variety for performers and events. The stage will be fully equipped with lighting and sound equipment as well as basic set dressing. It will be designed and built by students as a fall semester design studio project in the UNL College of Architecture, working in collaboration with selected vendors and tradespeople. 

The bulk of the designbuild phase occurs within the framework of the FACT Collaborate! Studio class offered by UNL’s College of Architecture. During the fall 2021 semester, a team of 4th year architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design students will create the stage at Nebraska Innovation Campus inside the Nebraska Innovation Studio, one of the nation’s top makerspaces, a 16,000-square-foot facility with a full metal shop, wood shop and rapid prototyping room.

“Fuddy Meers” at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, Fall 2016. Brendan Greene-Walsh, Technical Director and Automation Designer. 

About FACT

FACT is a collaborative student design/build studio at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Architecture that engages design, fabrication, and construction projects with cultural and nonprofit clients.

FACT is a forum for exploring the complex relationships between thinking (conceiving, designing, theorizing) and making. Where academic design studios focus on ideation, conceptualization, and design development, FACT explores the creative opportunities residing in the development and realization of projects. Actual Architecture Co. and FACT work closely on experimental projects and pro-bono work for communities and nonprofit clients.

At the core of FACT are projects engaging places of intersection between the production and consumption of culture—where the creators and audiences meet.

FACT was founded in 2001 by Professor Jeffrey L. Day, FAIA and frequently collaborates with Actual Architecture Company.

The Process

The bulk of the designbuild phase occurs within the framework of a fall 2021 Collaborate! Studio on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

In preparation for the Omaha Mobile Stage build, students will explore methods of creative placemaking and their role in community development. They will consult with a range of stakeholders, including the Omaha Mobile Stage collaborators; local artists and performers; city planning, code, and life safety officials; and technical experts. Learn more about our Partners.

As with past FACT projects, students work together in small teams assigned to specific project  tasks and meet frequently as a large group to critique progress and coordinate the overall effort.