Omaha Mobile Stage announces youth talent show + tour dates

Omaha, Neb.—Omaha Mobile Stage (OMS) will lift up artists of all ages during 6 community festivals and 3 talent shows. View events schedule

This fall, OMS is launching its signature program—the Omaha Mobile Stage Youth Talent Show, modeled after the beloved Good Fellows Show Wagon. 

“OMS joins Omaha’s creative landscape as a new resource for community partners who are already supporting our local arts and music scene,” said Jessica Scheuerman, founder and executive director of Partners for Livable Omaha, the nonprofit that manages the Omaha Mobile Stage. “Together, we share a common vision for supporting the live performing arts and building community.”

Omaha Mobile Stage is a mobile, community venue for performing artists of all ages, and a teaching venue to train the next generation of creative workers. OMS is an accessible, adaptable and easily transportable venue created from a repurposed 18-foot box truck. 

Credit: Colin Conces

The Omaha Mobile Stage Youth Talent Show is modeled after the once-beloved Good Fellows Show Wagon. OMS’s talent show is open to youth ages 3 to 18 and all performing arts disciplines. Performances are limited to 4 minutes and are judged on talent, originality, and showmanship. 

The project’s predecessor, Show Wagon, began in 1952 and lasted for 59 years as a City of Omaha Parks Department program. In its heyday in the 1970s, the Show Wagon drew hundreds of contestants and thousands of audience members from the Omaha area and beyond.