Supporting Arts Enrichment at School

Toba Cohen-Dunning, Executive Director of Omaha Public School Foundation, discusses why arts and culture are important for children and why they have been missing them due to the pandemic.

In partnership with local performing artists, arts organizations and the Omaha Public Schools Foundation, Omaha Mobile Stage supports arts enrichment at school by providing live performances experienced safely, outdoors, on school grounds. These performances are site specific and driven by the needs, priorities and schedules of each school.

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Toba Cohen-Dunning: The partnership between the Omaha Public Schools Foundation and the Omaha Mobile Stage is incredibly exciting.

We have a district in the Omaha Public Schools of approximately 52,000 children and our student membership is 78% free and reduced lunch, so when you have an opportunity like this, bringing the arts to some of our students who don’t ever get out of their neighborhood, this is incredible. We are leveling the playing field with our suburban counterparts and I love every aspect of this project.

It’s hard to capture just how isolated kids have been during the pandemic. In a lot of situations, when kids come to school that is you know some of the most important socialization that they can have and they get to express themselves and be able to find so many outlets for creativity, whether it’s in art class music class, gym, outside on the playground, there are a multitude of ways.

When the pandemic forced children to stay home obviously because schools were closed kids lost a sense of self and they became beholden to their screens.

This way, kids get to be at their school, be in a local park, be with their friends, be with family members, and the world is going to explode with all the fun things that are going to come and be performed on this stage.

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