The Elements of the Omaha Mobile Stage

Watch Theatrical Designer and Technical Director, Brendan Greene-Walsh, discuss a few of the important physical aspects that the Omaha Mobile Stage will provide for performers and neighborhood audiences on its tour around Omaha outdoor spaces beginning in spring 2022.

Soundtrack by David Nance




Brendan Greene-Walsh- We’ve been in contact with a lot of really great community partners that have exciting ideas of how they can utilize our stage. That’s from theater to spoken word to dance to music even visual artists being able to bring those people to small communities in the Omaha area is super exciting and and I can’t wait to see it happen. I can’t wait to see it actualized.

We’re really looking at this mobile stage as a venue, as a full-service venue. That goes from from front of house to you know patron services like how our audience is being interacted with to backstage how our performers are being treated what what kind of things we provide as a green room, a makeshift green room. Then, you know, down to the things that you have to have for for live entertainment. It’s lighting and it’s sound, we want to make sure that everyone feels like they’re getting a top-notch opportunity, both performing on the stage, but also as an audience member viewing the stage and seeing these things that we’re trying to put on.

Sound and lighting are two things that generally get overlooked in a lot of places, but they’re vital, right. We have to be able to see the people that are performing. We have to be able to hear the people that are performing. So, integrating sound and lighting into this truck is going to be a big challenge for our students that are doing the design work and I view my role as kind of a consultant, so that I can help guide them in directions that’ll make it most effective.

The work that goes into sound engineering and lighting design is an art form in and of itself and we’re trying to convey that we’re trying to incorporate that. It’s been a conversation that has been at the forefront since about a year ago when when conversations about this project started.

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