How the entertainment industry stayed vigilant through the pandemic

Brendan Greene-Walsh discusses the negative effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the arts entertainment industry.

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Brendan Greene-Walsh-COVID was devastating to the local theater community.

I think the arts and entertainment industries were the hardest hit and they were one of the first hit, right. One of the first groups that shut down and one of the last to be able to come back.

It was really hard to watch because I have countless friends who were out of work brilliant artists that were just sitting waiting hoping for a day that they could get back to doing the things that they loved and that they’re passionate about and thankfully we’re getting closer, still not quite there, but we are we’re getting closer.

People in the entertainment industry are notoriously vigilant at finding ways to still produce their art you know we we saw it through live stream concerts from people’s living rooms, from video broadcast readings of scripts, or you know productions, trying to still keep the art alive.

While I applauded and enjoyed the attempts, there was something missing and that something was the ability to sit next to another human being or in a gathering of human beings to experience the art. We don’t experience art in a vacuum it’s something that is living and breathing and it’s human beings that are creating and it’s human beings that are perceiving.

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