How tbd. Dance Collective Uses Outdoor Spaces

Kat Fackler, Co-Director of tbd. Dance Collective discusses the Pavement Series, created and designed for safe and public entertainment amidst the pandemic.

Produced by Kaylea Kuhlman

Soundtrack by Megan Siebe



tbd. Dance Collective





Kat Fackler- Pavement is an outdoor performance series and it began in the summer of 2020 and August of 2020. The idea is that one choreographer, and it’s a different choreographer each time, picks a location that inspires them and creates a 20-minute 15-20 minute installation in response to that space.

Whether it’s architecture or nature or just anything that’s inspiring in the location. We invite a small audience to experience this installation we usually just do it once or twice and there’s just a few rehearsals leading up to it so and it’s really fun it’s it’s been great to dance in outdoor spaces especially in amidst the pandemic.

It provided a way for us to still keep dancing together and creating together and also an opportunity for audiences to still experience performance and experience live performance in a safe and socially distanced way.

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