The Importance of Placemaking

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Manne Cook, an Urban Development Manager in Omaha, discusses and defines placemaking.

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Manne Cook: Placemaking is what people do and it’s the act of defining space and making it a place so it’s like activating that place and filling it with activities that like it attracts people.

People like places where there’s already other people and if you have a coffee shop or something like that in a a place that’s well made or well designed, it’s active then that supports the businesses. It makes it a place where people want to go.

I think placemaking has a lot to do with culture so it’s done differently in different places across cities and throughout individual cities as well.

I would say, I mean there’s lots of places in Europe that do great place making. I feel like in the (United) States we’re catching up, but I would say you know bigger cities New York Los Angeles, but here in Omaha there’s good placemakers too, so all over.

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