Learning from the Good Fellows Show Wagon

Jessica Scheuerman, executive director of Partners for Livable Omaha, talks about the Good Fellows Show Wagon legacy in response to the creation of the Omaha Mobile Stage, which will follow a similar concept.

Produced by Kaylea Kuhlman

Soundtrack by J. Crum




Jessica Scheuerman: The Good Fellows Show Wagon was a program that started in the mid 50s here in Omaha. And it was the youth talent show that took place in city parks. It was a beloved feature of neighborhood life.

We’ve met a lot of people who just really enjoyed going to the Good Fellows Show Wagon. And not only seeing what was on the stage, but seeing their neighborhood and coming together as a neighborhood.

We’re hoping to kind of recreate some of that with Omaha Mobile Stage, allowing the neighborhood to come together in a way that is a reflection of who they are, their tastes, their culture.

And, you know just like the Good Fellows Show Wagon traveled the city of Omaha, the Omaha Mobile Stage will be traveling Omaha for years and years to come. That program lasted for 59 years as an Omaha Parks program. And that’s a real inspiration.

When we started diving into the heritage of that, it became very clear to us that if we design and build this correctly; if we give it the support that it needs, we can also do this for 59 years. You know? So it’s a metric that is both inspirational, but it’s potentially achievable.

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