The Necessity of Community in Gifford Park

Watch Chris Foster and Martin Janousek of Gifford Park in Omaha, NE discuss the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association’s events in response to the pandemic.

Video produced by Kaylea Kuhlman

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Martin Janousek: I think the Neighborhood Association has always been, since its inception always concerned and always conscious of, of the neighborhood in general, in what in the success of it.

And I think they’ve always promoted opportunities and events that, that allowed everybody to participate without any restrictions.

So they’ve always been about community about the neighborhood. Most of our initiatives have always been free and accessible to anybody.

And, but like with everything, there’s always you know, you have to have some rules, but in general, it’s about, you know, getting people out of their homes and meeting people and, and getting involved in the community.

Chris Foster: I think people are very anxious to get back together.

This neighborhood is, you know, pretty close-knit and, you know, physically getting together and seeing each other and experiencing positive activities.

As, it’s been missed in this community, especially a lot of our events, you know, we do youth tennis program, youth soccer, community garden, youth garden program, block party. So in the market, like we’re here now.

And to not be able to do that at the level that would like to is, has been tough over the last year and a half.

I think we’re a pretty we like to do a lot of healthy active programs, especially for kids, and just getting people together.

So the old show wagon that the city used to put on for 50 years when they quit doing that a few years ago. It kind of left a void where there was a youth talent competition, and that came to the different neighborhoods like different parts.

So the Omaha Mobile Stage seemed like a really good venue to bring that back. No, but you know what, at the neighborhood level, just fun, inspiring events for people in the neighborhood.

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